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No description

Richard denDekker

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Integrity=Chalkboard

Responsibility= light switch
Its my responsibility to cut on the lights
Cooperation= Floor
me and the floor cooperate so I don't trip
Respect= book
I have to respect my book so I wont have to pay a fine
Careing= Ceiling
I care about my ceiling fan
Thank you!
integrity wrote on a chalk board
Courage=golf club
I used courage about a snake being killed with a golf club
I am optimistic about sitting in a chair
You were given $10 TOO MUCH change, and as you leave, and hear the DOOR slam, you decide you will be HONESTand go back through the DOORWAY to return the $10.
I am empathic about the kid who fell through the window
Inclusiveness = Water cooler
the water tank is not segregated it includes all peoples
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