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Chapter 11 Section 4

No description

Dean Burress

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 11 Section 4

Recognize the impact on California of the discovery of gold during the Gold Rush.
Describe the lives of those living in Gold Rush camps.
James Marshall
Chapter 11 Section 4: The California Gold Rush

Immigrants to California
The lure of gold in California attracted immigrants from around the world.
Famine and economic hardship caused many Chinese men to emigrate to America to find wealth.
The discovery of gold caused a population boom in California.
Gold mining remained an important part of California's economy, but other businesses like farming and ranching became important.
An obstacle to California's growth was its isolation from the rest of the country.
Discovery of Gold
In 1848, a carpenter named James Marshall discovered gold while building a sawmill.
Stories of the discovery rapidly spread across the country.
In 1849, 80,000 gold-seekers came to California hoping to strike it rich (forty-niners).
Most forty-niners arrived in California by wagon train.
Staking a Claim
Once they arrived in California, the forty-niners would prospect (search for gold).
The first person to arrive at a site to prospect would "stake a claim".
Mining methods varied, but the most popular was placer mining (using pans to wash gold nuggets out of loose rock or gravel).
Although some miners did "strike it rich", the vast majority of forty-niners did not.
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