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Creative Celebrations

No description

Seth Bebow

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Creative Celebrations

S.W.O.T analysis
Create marketing plan
Change name to expand customer base
Add new services to expand business
Graduation parties
Corporate parties
Create personal catering service
Analyze competitors in the community/region
Target market
Create future plan (next 10 years)
Expansion Ideas
Graduation parties
Consistent need for graduation planners

Corporate parties
Many businesses have one or two social gatherings for their company. End of the year or Christmas parties

Self catering
Eliminate the middle man and cater all the food ourselves.
Improved Marketing
Social networking
Word of mouth
Movie theater commercials
Discounts to attract customers
Referrals receive 10% discount
Returning customers receive 5% discount
Target Market
Families with
Kids ages 0-15
High school graduates
College graduates
Small to medium sized corporations
Future Goals
Financial Projections
Graduation Parties

Corporate Parties

Expenses: Hire 2 Employees
Hire 2 cooks/helpers
$51,580+$16,290-$50,000=$17,870/this year
Creative Kids, Inc.
Road to Improvement
Year 1
Increase customer base
20-25 graduation parties
10-15 corporate parties
Kitchen development
Improve net profit by $9,600
Years 5-10
Add another location
Become top competitor
Raise net profit by $150,000+
Years 2-5
Increase number of clients
Hire more employes
Raise net profit by $50,000+
Raise graduation parties
3-5 every year
Raise Corporate parties
2-3 every year
Buy new/more equipment
Kitchen, tents, chairs, tables,
Graduation Parties
Our goal is to do 20-25 Graduation party's in the first year. Provide food, venue and any other wants
Food: $7-$11/person
Chairs: $1.20/chair
Tables (6-8 people): $9/table
Building: $650 (120 people max)
Tent: Cost varies on size
Corporate Parties
Many corporations have a party once a year for either a Christmas party or a get together to celebrate how the year went. Our goal is to get 10-15 corporate parties for the first year
Food: $10-$14/person
Tent: cost varies on size
Chairs: $1.20 per chair
Tables (6-8 people): $9
Venue: $650 (120 people max)

Profit Margin Graduation Parties
We plan on average of 300 people to attend the graduation party
Food ($9/person): 300*$9.00= $2,700
Tent: 30'x40' (120 people)= $500
Tent for food: 16'x16'= $150
Building (120 people)=$650
Tables ($9/table): 15*$9.00= $135
Chairs ($1.20/chair): 120*$1.20=$144
Gross Profit= $3,629/party
Food expenses ($3.50/person)= $1050
Net profit= $2,579
Either tent or building
Business Changes/Additions
Change of name
Change name to create larger market towards other than kids
Creative Celebrations, Inc.
In order to expand and grow the business we need to hire more help
Hire 2 employee
$25,000/employee (salary)
Will help cook, clean, and set up parties
Profit Margin Corporate parties
We plan on average of 100 people to attend the corporate party
Food ($12/person): 100*$12.00= $1,200
Tent: 30'x40' (120 people)= $500
Tent for food: 16'x16'= $150
Building (120 people)=$650
Tables ($9/table): 15*$9.00= $135
Chairs ($1.20/chair): 120*$1.20=$144
Food expenses ($5/person): $500
Net profit: $1,629 per party
Either tent or building
Catering all our parties by ourselves will eliminate the middle man and cut down on our expenses over time!
Add a kitchen in our building ($35,000)
Fridge, stove/oven, freezer, ventilation, plumbing and sinks
Save money on all party's ($2-$3/person)
Kid's parties- Save $15,000+/year
Graduation parties- Save $10,000+/year
Corporate parties- Save $2,000+/year
Self-catering parties will pay for the kitchen within 3-5 years

S.W.O.T Analysis
Well known name
Large demand
Financially successful
Great area

No experience outside of kid's parties
Not sure which area to extend into
Additional services
New market
Ability to continue expanding

Economic hardships
Costs of expansion
We have three main competitors
Pump It Up Parties
Specializes in kids parties
James Event Productions Inc
Specializes all types of parties including graduation and business parties
Bravo Productions
All kinds of parties
Many other less intimidating competitors
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