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Yearbook Portfolio

No description

Sierra Smith

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Yearbook Portfolio

Pictures from Obama's Speech
Varsity Football Picture
Varsity Volleyball Spread
The Varsity Volleyball Spread on pages 76 and 77 in the yearbook.
Fashion Spread
The Fashion Spread in the yearbook on pages 66 and 67.
Table of Contents
Varsity Volleyball Spread
Fashion Spread
Ford Focusing on the Future
Obama Picture (2)
Varsity Volleyball Picture
Varsity Football Picture
Fashion Picture
Varsity Volleyball Story
Fashion Story

2. Addressing the crowd, Barack Obama fires up Ford worker. Obama visited the Ford Plant in Liberty, Missouri to speak about Obamacare. Obama describes Congress as, "not focused on [the people.]"
My story over Barack Obama's visit to Kansas City, published in the Gladstone magazine.
Ford Focus-ing on the Future
Yearbook Portfolio
I am most proud of this layout as a whole, I spent a lot of time deciding on the pictures to include. My favorite part of this layout is the story, which is the part I spent the most time and dedication on, I am very proud of how the story turned out.
Although I procrastinated on this spread, I ended up feeling good about it. The story was not my best work, but I am proud of the pictures I took for this page.
Playing against Tonka, the Northtown football team is extra aggressive. Since this game was a rival game, the crowd was buzzing with excitement.
1. Making jokes as Kansas City's expense, Barack Obama begins his speech with a touch of humor. The Chiefs were teased by Obama at his speech at the Liberty Ford Plant in September. "When I was flying into Kansas City to see an incredible success story in action, I did not think I would be talking about the Chiefs."
Varsity Volleyball Picture
Fashion Picture
Laughing through his pictures, sophomore Jusean Whetstone talks about his fashion sense. Whetstone posed in front of Main, unfazed by the cold of December. "Can I make up my own word to describe my style-- falutious!"
Varsity Volleyball Story
This story was about the Varsity Volleyball team, it is in the yearbook on page 76.
Fashion Story
This story was in the yearbook on page 66.
Overall Reflection
I am most proud of my Varsity Volleyball Story because I really enjoyed writing it and I think it was unique. I believe people will enjoy reading that story because it gives an interesting insight to the team. I am also really proud of all the stories and pictures I took at Obama's speech, especially since I had the honor of getting a few of them published. I put my best effort into the overall Varsity Volleyball spread, because I was very picky about the pictures and content of the spread. My piece that I am least proud of is my Fashion story because it really could have benefited from some more quotes.
Preparing to serve the ball, senior Shelby DeWitt concentrates on the game. The game against William Chrisman was a very close game, so the girls had to focus even more. DeWitt said, "We finally proved how much talent we truly had this year."
Semester 2
The Renaissance Council and National Honor Society spread on pages 200 and 201.
Boys Track
The Boys Track spread on pages 180 and 181.
Girls Track
The Girls Track spread on pages 178 and 179.
Student Life Page
The Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Books spread on pages 168 and 169.
The Orchestra spread on pages 154 and 155.
Favorite Photos

These are the stories
I wrote for the Fan page,
the NHS/Renaissance
page and the Boys
Track page.
Second semester has been a blur, but I feel like I accomplished so much. My favorite spread was the Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Books page because it was a lot of fun to create. My least favorite page was probably Orchestra because I only got the chance to go to the freshman class, but others were able to visit other classes. This semester allowed me to also get used to being slightly in charge with the Spring Mag, which was interesting. I am very proud of how the overall Yearbook turned out!
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