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What affects the way we speak?

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Edita Memisi

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of What affects the way we speak?

What affects the way we speak?
What affects the way you speak?
Idiolect is the language that you use. It is individual to you and your personality.
How old or young a person is will affect language use.
What affects the way we speak?
Learning Objectives:
1. To understand what factors influence the way we speak.
2. To be able to define the word 'idiolect'.

Whether you are male or female will affect language use.
Social Class
The social, educational and economic position that people are born into / live in will affect language use.
A person's ethnic background (for example, Creolisation - London Jamaican) will affect language use.
The job or career that a person does will affect language use.
What factors make the way you speak individual or unique?
Make a note on your post-it!
The sexual orientation of individuals will affect language use.
Where a person is from (geographically) will affect language use.
The pastimes and leisure activities that people take part in will affect language use.
Any 'less savoury' activities that an individual is involved in will affect language use.
Who, where and why a person is talking to someone else will affect language use.
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