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New Product Development

No description

Devahif Julie

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of New Product Development

II. Qualitative study
Thank you for your attention !

Any Questions?

New Product

1. Introduction
2. Qualitative Study
3. Quantitative Study
4. Strategic Design
5. Market Analysis
6. Our product

III. Quantitative study
Pricing model
Factor Analysis
V. Market analysis
- Nutritionist information
- Industry : list of products
- Firm : Information about the products
- Nutritionist
- Dietician
- Nutritherapy
- Website about food information
12 persons :
- Variety of profile
- People who have a smartphone and use applications (min 1)
- No specific conditions relative to the dietary profile
-Interview: 30-50 min

From the 3 components, only one is reliable

Component 1
Alpha de Cronbach: 0,867 > 0,7

Advantages of the application:
- Rapidity
- Ease of use
- Practical aspect

- Additifs alimentaires (app)
Actual competition
- Shopwise
- OpenFoodFacts
- Foodintolerances
- Food Allergy Info
- Lifecafe
Potential competition
- Test-achat
- Internet website of retailers
- A lot of applications available
- A lot of information on internet available but difficult to know their reliability
Market structure
Monopolistic competition
Our values: ecological aspect and opinion of expert
Semi-directive studies
From the 3 components, only one is reliable

Component 1
Alpha de Cronbach: 0,864 > 0,7
(after suppressing Q3_2)

Disadvantages of the application:
- Disclosure of data
- Lack of correspondence to the
- Incomplete contents
- Doubtful contents
Lack of reliability with the
Different parts:
Warming topic
: Smartphone, what they do, applications?,...
Specific for applications:
quantitative, advantage, disadvantages, how they choose,...
Shopping topic:
habits of buying, how they choose,..
Specific for shopping
: labels, nutritional value, comparison, dietary profile and his impact,...
: link technology - shopping, ecological,...

Positives points
-Immediately, time saving
-Access to information
-Moment of sharing
-Information comes to you: notifications
Negatives Points
-Social contacts
-Problems with the application
-Internet needed
-Limit private life
-Time losing
-Frequent updating
Good application
- Useful
- Respect what they announced
-To stay in touch
-Real time information
-Access to other’s opinion
Price, ingredients, quality, equity, taste, origin, brands, promotion, nutritional value, extinction, size of packaging, advertising, allergen, addicted products, number of ingredients, home-made, seasonal, opinions of others users, new one,..
Products comparison factors
Impact of technology
Better access to similar products, having an opinion/advice, find products which fit better, time saving, get information on the smartphone, help buying healthy products, better information about a product, compulsory buying,...

From the 5 components, only one is reliable

Component 1
Alpha de Cronbach: 0,769 > 0,7

Comparison of the products:
- Added ingredients
- Traditional product
- Seasonal product

- Local products
- Biological products
- Packaging,..

Healthiness of the product
Why download an app ?
Results of our quantitative survey of 60 respondents
All the components are reliable

Component 1
Alpha de Cronbach: 0,863 > 0,7
Component 2
Alpha de Cronbach: 0,704 > 0,7
(after suppressing Q16_16)
Component 3
Alpha de Cronbach: 0,744 > 0,7
Component 4
Alpha de Cronbach: 0,750 > 0,7

Alimentary application:
- Product's origin
- Ecological impact
- Dietary profile
- Knowing if products are good or bad
Personal profile
- Consumer's opinion
- Expert's opinion
External opinion
- Comparison between different products in the same category
- Product's information clear and consistent
Access to information
Conjoint analysis
IV. Strategic design
The Buyer Utility Map
Pricing Model
Business Model Design
If an application in the food industry existed, you would like that:
Attribute 1: it enables you to compare different products of the same category
Attribute 2: it makes you saving time during your shopping
Attribute 3: it gives you clear and consistent information of the product
Attribute 4: it takes into account your dietary profile
Attribute 5: it indicates you what products are good or bad for you
Attribute 6: it allows you to compare all similar products
Attribute 7: it indicates the maximum content to consume some ingredients
Attribute 8: it compares products based on important criteria for you
Attribute 9: it provides news
Attribute 10: it takes into account your ideal format
Attribute 11: it refers you to the opinion of other consumers
Attribute 12: It allows you to access expert advice on the product
Attribute 13: it refers to the product website
Attribute 14: it provides the origin of the product
Attribute 15: it indicates the product’s environmental impact
Attribute 16: it advises you to achieve you shopping list

A R Perceptual Mapping
So, we choose €2 to touch the majority of the respondents
VI. The Product
Our application will show :
- the content of the product in detail
- the origin of the product
- the opinion of experts
It takes into account the profile of the customers!
Most important : Content
Biggest difference: Origin of the product
Possibility for the customers to like and dislike the products
Based on quantitative results
3 factors
Results of our quantitative survey of 60 respondents
Price : 2€ per download
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