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The Vampire Diaries

No description

Sakshi Padhiar

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of The Vampire Diaries

What it's about This concludes our presentation!!! THANK YOU~!!! Fourth Season Second Season Third Season First Season Bonnie Bennett and
Caroline Forbes Stefan Salvatore and
Damon Salvatore Main Characters Elena Gilbert and Jeremy Gilbert are the children of John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming, adoptive daughter and son of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert. She has an aunt named Jenna Sommers. Born 11 November 1993, Jeremy is Elena's younger brother. Elena and Jeremy, is still feeling empty after losing their parents. Stefan Salvatore was born on 5 November 1846 and
raised in Mystic Falls. Stefan turned in to a vampire not wanting to be one but the his dad's blood was too tempting and his dad died. After, Stefan was call 'the ripped' because of his way of killing people with his humanity off. Damon asked Lexi to help his brother become himself again. Born on 15 February 1992, Bonnie Bennett has been Elena Gilbert's best friend, since the first episode (pilot). She is also good friends with Caroline Forbes. Bonnie discovers that she is born from a line of witches and that she is also a witch. Born 20 September 1992, Caroline Forbes is a close friend of Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett.Caroline is the daughter of the Sheriff of Mystic Falls, Liz Forbes. Elena and Jeremy Gilbert's parents died because they got into a tragic car accident, and they are still adjusting to their new reality. Elena manages to hang out with her friends to find comfort, but Jeremy uses drugs to hide his pain. In the Mystic Falls high school, Stefan, a new transfer student helps Elena to feel better. But Elena didn't know that Stefan was hiding a secret, that is he is a vampire. Elena started to get suspicious when she and stefan went to party, and find her best friend's sister Vicki, got attacked and left with a savage bite in the neck. After that, Stefan returns home and finds his older brother Damon. They haven't seen each other for 15 years. Later, it turns out that Elena looked just like the girl that Stefan fell in love with a centry ago. Elena has to face a horrible nightmare that the fact she has became a vampire. Stefan and Damon tries to help Elena adjust to a life she doesn't want. Stefan tries to helps her adjust to animal blood so she would kill people. Every vampires emotion is more emotional than normal. Stefan realizes that Elena is compelled to Damon and to break it they will need to find the vampire cure. And they also realizes that Jeremy is a vampire hunter and he can help find the cure but he might kill all the vampire that are going to find the cure like Rebekah, Damon, Stefan, and Elena. They get help from Bonnie and Mystic Fall high school, history teacher Shane. Katherine killed Jeremy to steal the cure so she can trade it to Klaus so she can get her freedom. Elena turns off her emotions because everyone she loved dies. She and Rebekah teams up to find the cure for Rebekah. Later Katherine gives the cure to Elijah. The
Diaries The Vampire Diaries takes place in the town of Mystic Falls...... Many humans live in Mystic Falls. The vampires are known that in Mystic Falls Many people aren't aware of the vampires in their town so they're careless of what they do and say. Those people who know of the vampires are very aware of them. It may seem that all the humans would stay away from them but not all people are like that. Some people are attracted to them, because of their flawless skin. That's how many people died or got turned to a vampire. Some people want to turn into a vampire so they acted careless, that's how they die. The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama television series created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec.It is based on the book series written by Lisa Jane Smith. Here are the names of the main characters.... Stefan Damon Bonnie Caroline By: Ashley,Debra, Jina, Sakshi Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce is a doppelgänger. Katherine Pierce returns and she kills Caroline Forbes. While having Damon Salvatore's blood in her system, she turns into a vampire. Meanwhile, the arrival of the original vampires make things more complicated because one of the originals Klaus is a vampire/warewolf hybrid but his werewolf side was forced into dormancy by witches. He plans to break the curse by sacrificing a vampire, a werewolf, and drinking all the blood of the doppelgänger. Katherine was banished from her home land to England. There she found Elijah and Klaus and realized that they saved her because they wanted to sacrifice her for the werewolf curse Elena Gilbert Jeremy Gilbert Elena and Jeremy Gilbert Klaus killed his own family but Elijah freed them after a couple hundred years later. Bonnie finally opened the original witch Esther, the mother of the original family's coffin. Afer that, she went to Klaus and forgave him for killing her. They all live happily for a couple of days after the ball where Esther and Finn team up to kill the original vampires. Elijah was suspicious that his mother wanted to see Elena so he asked Elena what his mother wanted to see her for. Elena denied that she helped Ester kill the original vampires so she said nothing. Easter then apploigized to Elena for trying to kill her. Elijah traps Elena when Elena tells that Esther is trying to kill the original vampires. Sadly Bonnie's witch mother turned into a vampire because Esther was using power from the Bennett line so if one person die then Esther doesn't have enough power to kill the original vampires. Elena kills klaus, original vampire sister of klaus, Rebekah gets Elena in a car accident with vampire blood in her system........
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