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Full Day Workshop

No description

Micah James

on 5 July 2016

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Transcript of Full Day Workshop

10:00 - First Session

Minister as Shepherd
Admin 101 - Assessing where you are
Claiming and Communication Mission & Vision
Sustainability and Growth - Life Cycle
“Getting to Deductible” - Designated Funds

1:00 - Second Session

Managing the Human Resources of the Church
Moral Obligation to Take Care of People (Volunteers/Staff)
Managing Volunteers
Job Descriptions
Managing Staff
Benefit Basics (Pension Fund)
Clergy Financial Literacy (Pension Fund)
New Stuff: Overtime Laws
Church Communications
You Asked, We answer & Other Q&A

First task of a leader is to define core values
Do the right things for the right reasons
Pray God’s agenda, not your own
Relationships are important
Prioritize eternal things, not temporal things
God’s kingdom is paramount; seek it first
Judge yourself before you judge others
If you need something, ask; if you have something, give
Stay true to your convictions; don’t wander from the narrow path
If you’re still not convinced that Jesus gives a list of core values, look at Matthew 7:12, where he summarized the law in a single statement

Maxwell Leadership Bible, Thomas Nelson, 2007
What can you do about the life cycle of a church?
Why is administration important in ministry?

Pastoral Implications
Counting the cost. What might that mean?
Strategic Implications
Making plans.
Functional Implications
Effective ministry. Both/and

Moral Obligation to Take Care of People

Benefits & Financial Basics from Pension Fund
Q & A
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