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Cast Away: Motif of Time/Clocks

No description

J Berry

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Cast Away: Motif of Time/Clocks

The Pocket watch
As soon as Chuck lands on the island, stranded, he sits on the sand, checks his pager, and checks the pocket watch
These simple activities are such a habitual part of his daily routine that his reaction is immidiate
Time figuratively has stopped on the island!
Four years later
Chuck continues to keep track of time on the island

Before the Island
Chuck tells his Fedex staff “Time rules over us without mercy, not caring if we’re healthy or ill, hungry, or drunk.” “It’s like a fire, It could either destroy us or keep us warm.” “Because we live or we die by the clock.”- this is significant because it shows how important time and schedualing are to Chuck.
Kelly gives him the pocket watch, and he automatically thought to set it to Memphis time because that is the Fed Ex Hub, showing his almost obsessive attitude towards his work and time
He even tries to save the pocket watch before himself in the crash
Rescued- After the Island
After everything he went through, Chuck still didn't end up with Kelly- even though his time stopped, hers kept going
He tells Stan “I had power over nothing”; meaning he didn't even have control over time which was such an important thing before he was stranded
He used to be convinced his life had to be completly scheduled but what we now know is that just like the island, time is an beast that cannot be controlled
But along with this, Chuck now knows that if one does not have control over time, it is not necessarily a bad thing

Cast Away: Motif
of Time/Clocks

By Justine, Merina and Sarah
Package with the Wings
In the beginning, it was really important to Chuck that all packages be delivered on time
After being on the island, Chuck realizes, through the package with the wings that even a package delivered late can be meaningful.
This shows his changing view on time- that maybe it doesn't have to rule our lives
When Chuck gets to the island, the watch stops working
Its significance to Chuck changes; it isn't just a time keeper, it's a piece to remind himself of Kelly.
He’s gone from a watch and a pager to keeping track of time using the sun and his cave
Chuck hasn’t gone insane- he’s incredibly logical and remains quite sane because he still cares about time and he still wants to escape, but time has become second to surviving.
In the film
Cast Away,
Robert Zemeckis proves that there are more important things in life than time through Chuck's changing routine, the pocket watch, and Kelly.
Cast Away
, the director proves that through the motif of time and clocks, that only in the absence of being on a timed schedual, or in a situation where time isn't important, do we realize there are more important things in life that we put after time and scheduals.
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