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Concept Art Mind Map/MoodBoard process

Mind map Mood Board Example process for character generation

John Dwyer

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Concept Art Mind Map/MoodBoard process

Mind Map to Mood Board Process
Compile a list of every Environment / character you can think of...
Cross reference with the class and types on all lists
Compile a new list of characters / Environments with cross references
Compile reference images for Character
Create a final folder Structure
Create a mood board from this final selection of images. Make sure you reference your mind map ideas; also annotate your choices. Where appropriate a choice of palette should also be illustrated, eg below:
Mind Map

Compile a list of every cartoon character / Environment you can think of...
Compile a list of every Film Character /Environment you can think of..
Compile a list of Artistic character / environment you can think of
compile a list of every game character / environment you can think of
Web Research
Research art / design /style / Fashion etc ..
Compile reference images for Environment
Architectural styles / movements
Surface finish's on buildings
Referencing your mind map and your reference images choose three images from each folder and place them in this final choice folder
Add into the mix art movements and styles eg, classic, old / new, renaissance, neoclassicism, gothic etc ..
Look up, art / design movements. Film styles, Anything else you are interested in
types of buildings
red brick
New / Old
Attachments i.e. Aircon/fire escapes
Mood Board Examples
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