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Population & Environment

No description

Sam Buemi

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of Population & Environment

Ecology–study organisms/ environment
Natural environment–Earth’s resources to sustain life
Logic of growth–technology improves our lives
Growth and Limits
Water Supply - 1% drinkable
Water Pollution - 500 million lbs dumped/yr
Air Pollution - improving
Can thinking sociologically help the environment?
The Growth of Cities
Urbanization–The concentration of population into cities
Suburbs and Urban Decline
Environment & Society
Population, Urbanization, and the Environment
Population Growth
Fertility, mortality, migration affect population
The movement of people in/out of a territory
Malthusian Theory
Urban Ecology
Studying physical/social dimension of cities
Population Composition
Will we run out of resources (Malthusian theory) or will society correct itself (D. Transition theory)?
The Study Of Population
Agree or Disagree w/ theory?
Demographic Transition Theory
Ecosystems are the complex and dynamic relationships between forms of life and the environments they inhabit
How Does the Media
socialize children on the
topic of the environment?
Type in "environment"
@ visuwords.com.
What connections can you make?
self-correcting population model
Why Have Children?
Sociologically, How Might
this be True?
Historically, people move in and out of the “burbs” and the inner-city
Urban Life
What Warnings Do The
Tragedy of the Commons Offer?
(In-class Activity)
Chris Moore - Great Pacific
Garbage Patch
Urban, Rural or City
Life Preference?

Links population change to a society's level of technological development.
Limits to growth–brink of environmental collapse
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