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Copy of First and second hand accounts

No description

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of First and second hand accounts

First and second hand accounts
Firsthand Vs. Secondhand accounts
I can identify a first and secondhand account.
First hand accounts
A first hand account is a true story told by someone who was there. It is an original document.
Now it is your turn
It is your turn to write a firsthand account of something that has happened to you this year. Remember it has to be something that YOU experienced. Make sure you are using the correct pronouns in our writing, and telling all the important details in your story.
Second hand account
Based on someone else's experiences.
They weren't really there.
Can they be similar?
There are times when a first and secondhand account can be very similar. It is important to ask questions like:
Was the author there?
What is the point of view?
What pronouns are being used?
Uses I, We, My, Us pronouns
Told in 1st person point of view
Letters and Diaries
Telling of the Event
Uses he, she, they, his, her pronouns
Told in 3rd person point of view
Fictional Writing, Movies, Textbooks
News Reports and Documentaries
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