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Elements of Poetry

No description

Angie Smith

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Elements of Poetry

Thank you for your attention!
And one more thing...
Rhyme Scheme
The pattern where
end rhymes occur
Continuous as the stars that shine (A)
And twinkle on the milky way, (B)

They stretched in never-ending line (A)
Along the margin of a bay: (B)

Ten thousand saw I at a glance, (C)
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. (C)
A unit of lines
grouped together
I Love To Write Poems
(First Stanza)
I love to write
Day and night
What would my heart do
But cry, sigh and be blue
If I could not write
(Second Stanza)
Writing feels good
And I know it should
Who could have knew
That what I do
Is write, write, write
Representation of the five senses: sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell

Creates mental images about a poem’s subject
The newborn flowers blossom
in all sizes and vivid colors.
When you walk by, their sweet
and luscious aromas ensnare you..
The beautiful butterflies titter
Around the light grassy areas.
The trees are full of lush, dark green leaves.
Spring is when you can really savor
the intense scent of nature.
An implied comparison
between two objects or ideas
Metaphor for a Family

My family lives inside a medicine chest:
Dad is the super-size band aid, strong and powerful
but not always effective in a crisis.
Mom is the middle-size tweezer,
which picks and pokes and pinches.
David is the single small aspirin on the third shelf,
sometimes ignored.
Muffin, the sheep dog, is a round cotton ball, stained and dirty,
that pops off the shelf and bounces in my way as I open the door.
And I am the wood and glue which hold us all together with my love.
A direct comparison between
two objects or ideas that uses
words "like" or "as"

Hockey is like reading
Y ou get into it and then you never
want to stop
Y ou feel like you're in a different world.
Hockey is like school
You have to do your work and
you have to practice or you will get an "F"
Hockey is like math
You get stronger and before you know it
You're getting an
Your scoring goals
Now that's
Giving human traits or characteristics
to animals or inanimate objects
Chipmunks chatter and scurry,
Blue jays scream and scold.
Robins talk and gossip
demanding their story to be told.
Squirrels skip and box one another
and rabbits play hop scotch.
The games they play, the sounds they make
Really are top notch.
The repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables
Betty Botter bought some butter,
but, she said, the butter's bitter;
if I put it in my batter it will make my batter bitter,
but a bit of better butter will make my batter better.
So she bought a bit of butter better than her bitter butter,
and she put it in her batter and the batter was not bitter.
So 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter.
Phrases which people use in everyday language which do not make sense literally, but we understand what they mean.
So can you define ‘idiom’?
And what about this one?
And this?
Idioms are phrases which people use in everyday language which do not make sense literally but we understand what they mean
Let’s see, if you understand the peculiar meaning of some common idioms!
It’s raining ____ and dogs!

I’ve got a ____ in my throat

Those are just ______tears

He’s taken the lion share

I can smell a ___
Animal Crackers
Dressed up to the ______

Talking ___ to the dozen

One in a ______

Playing ______ fiddle

In _______ heaven
Numbers up
Lots of idioms are about numbers. See if you can fill in the missing numbers in these says. What do they mean?
Elements of
Poetry and
Figurative Language
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