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The Outsiders Character Map

No description

anuj devatha

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of The Outsiders Character Map

The Outsiders Written By S.E Hinton "This remarkable novel gives a moving, credible view of the outsiders from inside... we meet powerful characters in a book with a powerful message." - The Horn Book Ponyboy Ponyboy- a 14-year-old greaser who earns good grades and runs track. He is also the main character of the Outsiders and the narrator. Johnny Johnny- Ponyboy's best friend, a 16-year-old who lives with his alcoholic father and abusive mother. The Greasers The Greasers- gang made up of young lower-middle class individuals who call themselves
"Greasers". The Socs The Socs- a group of rich, vicious kids who like to start fights and jump the Greasers. Cherry Cherry- a sixteen-year-old greaser who attends the same school as Ponyboy. She is Bob's girlfriend. Steve Steve- Sodapop's best friend since elementary school; also a greaser Sodapop Sodapop- Ponyboy's brother, a high-school dropout who works at a gas station. Dally A rough Greaser, surviving the streets of New York for years. Two-Bit Two-Bit- a wise-cracking greaser who regularly steals and shoplifts. Darry Darry- The oldest of the Curtis brothers, and has been caring for Ponyboy and Sodapop. Marcia Bob Randy Bob- Is the boyfriend of Cherry, and is later stabbed by Johnny. Randy- Bob's best friend and Marcia's boyfriend. Marcia- Best friends with Cherry and is the girlfriend of Randy. Includes: Includes: Relationships: brother of brother of brother of Friends with Friends with Friends with Friends with Has feelings for (not in that way) best friends with Is friends with best friends with boyfriend of boyfriend of Major Events: gets jumped by and Save but... gets angry... Slaps runs away with KILLS the church to then... Burns!!! Children Please excuse my improper grammar on the next slide! save dies from commits suicide because of severe depression... writes the...
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