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No description

Ryan Ellis

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Resume

Ryan Ellis I was born in South Africa,
grew up in Zambia,
and now live in the USA. I left home and school
to race for a professional mountain bike
team. I spent the next 3 years racing for
professional teams in South Africa. When I was I got an on air internship at
Radio Phoenix, a top national radio station
in Zambia. 2 months later I was promoted So I went to the University
of Colorado to get a BSc in Business
Management with a minor in Creative Writing. At the end of 2011 I decided
I wanted to be clever. I raced for:
-House of Paint pro cycling team (2009)
-Team Jeep South Africa (2010 – 2011)
-South African national U23 world cup team (2011) to a paid show host position. I hosted my own chat & music show
for the next 4 months. While I raced I wrote a blog I got about 100 hits per day, and earned regular from my sponsors as a result of
my blog's popularity. I used SEO management to make my blog a top result
on google. (Year of 2015) Arbitrary Background
Stuff www.dudefromzambia.com While growing up I learned to speak french,
raced motocross and spent much of my time
trespassing on neighboring farms. 5 The race raises around $5000 for the
local village community. Every year I lead the organization of a charity mountain bike race. It takes
place around a lake in the the middle
of nowhere in Zambia. I manage the race as an organization – allocating funds, organizing hospitality, speaking to local land-owners, directing race employees and volunteers.
At riders briefing I talk to of a crowd of about 200 people. Contact me (720) 789 4129 ryan.ellis@colorado.edu 1 media bonuses Right now.. I'm in my second year at CU, and am a
contributing writer for Outdoor Minded Magazine. In July 2011, And I'm the co-leader of a mission
to paddle the Zambezi river from source
to sea, starting in May, 2014.
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