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Thirteen Reasons Why

No description

sara stephens

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher
Cassette 1: Side A
Justin Foley
Cassette 1: Side B
Alex Standall
Cassette 2: Side A
Jessica Davis
Cassette 2: Side B
Tyler Down
Cassette 3: Side A
Courtney Crimsen
Cassette 3: Side B
Marcus Cooley
Cassette 4: Side A
Zach Dempsey
Hannah´s first Kiss.
He bragged to his friends something more have happened.
The reason why she was called a slut for the rest of high school.
Compiled a list that declared she has the best ass in freshman year.
By consequence she was assaulted in the candy store adding feelings of insecurity.
New student during Hanna´s freshman year.
Alex, Jessica and Hanna hung out often at a local coffee house.
Jessica and Alex dated and then broke up.
After the ass incident, Jessica was offended and continued the rumors.
Stalked Hannah outside of her window and took pictures of her.
Unknown girl help her to catch the peeping, adding a rumor of sex toys founded in Hanna´s drawer.
She was the unknown girl.
Sweet, well-liked girl.
She abandoned her at the party.
She had been spreading lies.
Mach date for Valentines day.
He arrived to Rosie´s 30 minutes late.
He sexually assaulted her.
He removed Hannah´s encourage notes from her bag in Peers Communication class.
He did not give explanation at all.
Cassette 4: Side B
Ryan Shaver
Hanna wrote a poem about not being able to accept herself and in poetry class she shared it with him.
Anonymously, he published it in his magazine, betraying Hanna´s trust.
Cassette 5: Side A
Clay Jensen
He was not actually a reason. But he has to know what happened, if not, he would have gone crazy.
At a party, they talked, laughed, and kissed.
She felt guilty of being with him because she was confirming the rumors.
Cassette 5: Side B
Cassette 6: Side A
Jenny Kurts
She offered to drive her home after the party.
It was raining so Jenny ran over a stop sign at an intersection.
That caused a car accident where a senior of their school died.
Cassette 6: Side B
Bryce Walker
Another party took place near of Hannah´s house-sitting.
she decided to turn rumors into reality so she made out with Bryce.
Cassette 7: Side A
Mr. Porter
English teacher and guidance counselor.
In a session, he allowed Hannah to walk away even when she said she wanted everything to stop, including her life.
At the same party, while staring at the floor crying, a couple got into the room. The girl was so drunk and the boy decided to leave the room.
A friend of the boy, raped the girl and Hannah, who was hided in the closet, witnessed all.
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