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Paper Towns Book Report

No description

Olivia Hansen

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Paper Towns Book Report

Quentin Jacobsen has been once again introduced by his friend from long ago named Margo Roth Spiegelman. Margo appeared at Quentin's window one night, and went on a wild adventure with him. They had a lot of fun disturbing their enemies, and sneaking into Sea World, but the next day, Margo did not return to school. A few days past, and Q realized that Margo went missing. Margo's parents told him that this was a regular thing for her to do, and that she would often leave clues for someone to find her.

Falling Action
Ben, Radar, Lacey, and Quentin all skip their high school graduation to go on a journey to Agloe, New York. This road trip will take approximately 19 hours, but they only have 24 hours to find her. During the ride up, they experience many hardships, including a near death experience. When they get to Agloe, they discover that Margo is hidden in another abandoned building. They teenagers finally find her, but something is different about Margo.
Quentin finally found the map of New York that lined up perfectly with some pin holes in the wall of the abandoned mini mall. One of the holes line up exactly on a place called Agloe, New York. Q and his friends now realize that Margo is most likely resting there, so they decide to go on a journey to find her.
John Green
Paper Towns Book Report

by Olivia Hansen

Quentin felt like it was his job to find her, even though her own parents had given up looking for her. Q later found some notes left for him, but he wasn't very happy. He thought from the looks of them, that they could have been suicide notes.
Rising Action
One of the most important clues that Q and his friends found was a poem in her room written by Walt Whitman. The multiple clues that they found led them to an abandoned mini mall. Quentin thinks that Margo has spent some of her time there recently. He also finds maps of the United States, and one of them was the map of New York.
*Mystery/ Realistic Fiction
Point of View
* At the end of part one, Margo tells Q, " I will miss hanging out with you." (Green, 81) This foreshadows her leaving, and never coming back.
Margo is furious that her friends had finally found her. Ben, Lacey, Radar, and Q are all upset that Margo is not acting like the same person as she was in her normal life in Orlando. Margo is now choosing to go off and travel the world, and forget about her "paper girl" ordinary life in Orlando. In the end, Margo and Quentin realize that they should probably just remain friends, and not go any father than that.
Setting: Florida
Main characters:
Margo Roth Speigelman
Quentin Jacobsen
Lacey Pemberton
Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen
Ben Starling

*Quentin has a flashback of Margo and him as little kids. Riding their bikes to Jefferson Park, they found a dead man sitting up against a tree. The man was drenched in blood, and they later found out that he had killed himself the night before. This memory changes Margo, making her mysterious.
*Quentin's point of view

*1st person

*Protagonists- Quentin Jacobsen
Margo Roth Spiegelman

*Antagonists- Margo's School
Margo's family
Margo's life in Orlando

- "Did you just use Greek mythology to talk trash? I asked. Ben started pummeling buttons, shouting, Eat it Goblin! Eat it like Zeus ate Metis!" (Green, 107)

- "The clues were mine! The doors were mine!" (Green, 133)

- "Our foreheads touch as we stare at each other. Yes, I can see her almost perfectly in this perfectly cracked darkness." (Green, 305)
*Main Conflict- finding Margo with the vague clues that she gave her friends.

*Other conflicts- Man vs. Man, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Self

*Internal Conflicts- Margo ran away because she didn't just want to be a "paper girl", in a "paper town".

Q had a hard time finding Margo because of the hard to follow clues she gave him.

The theme of this book is that people are going to come and go in our lives, but the memories will never fade away. These memories that the person has left behind are more important than the person who has moved on, because you will remember the good times, not the person.
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