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Western Cordillera


braden hill

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Western Cordillera

Did you know there are 6 geographical regions in Canada?The 6 regions are the Atlantic,the Arctic,the prairie,the western cordillera,st.Lawrence,and the Canadian shield.In this report I will be describing 1 region.It is the Western Cordillera. location The provinces in my region are British Columbia and the Yukon.The Western Cordillera is on the west coast of Canada and is home to six mountain ranges including the Rocky mountains. The weather in summer and winter in the western cordillera are warm summers and long cold winters.summer tempertures of 14*c unlike winters witch reach a low of -35*c.The cordillera only recives about 13 inches of precipitation each year. climate Landforms In the Western Cordillera 16% of land is forested.The Western Cordillera is home to the Carcross desert also the arctic waters are in the Cordillera.Spruces,pines,firs,
birches,poplars,and aspens are some of the only trees that can survive there because the land is so dry and cold. conclusion interesting facts Some interesting facts about the cordillera are that there is a lot of mining and mines there.The main resources they mine for is coal so that they can supply energy for railroads and for homes.Other materials mined for are lead,zinc,copper,gold,and silver. Now you know lots of stuff about the Western Cordillera like landforms,the location, the climate, and other interesting facts.
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