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Evolution of Vivian's Character

No description

Jamie Livesay

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Evolution of Vivian's Character

While Vivian is reflecting back on her teaching days, she wishes that she were more emotional in her work. Vivian remembers that "the paper is due when it is due" (Edson 63) concerning her class when a student asked for an extension. Vivian then reflects by not even being able to finish her words, even though she is normally adept to correcting others' speech.
Vivian Bearing's past actions
Evolution of Vivian's Character

Vivian starts out as an experienced and stringent English professor who makes no exceptions, regardless of the situation. In the second half of the play, Vivian has turned into a sickly patient only looking for compassion and emotional help from others.
Vivian's Loss of Words
Hey guys.. I hope I did enough..um.. if not hope I can try to do more...so yeah.. And I hope how it is organized is okay. Peace out ladies and gent

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