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What Makes For a Successful Ensemble?

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James Swift

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of What Makes For a Successful Ensemble?

To Conclude
So what makes a good example of a Ensemble?
what's an example of a bad ensemble
In conclusion, it's fair to say every musician has a flaw, but to try to work at it, always makes the musician looks better to an ensemble

No musician is perfect, there is always more to learn but the musician who accepts and works on this, is more likely to be accepted and included to work as an ensemble
On the 20th March 2013, I played as part of an ensemble as part of my college course
An Example of me being in an ensemble
an example of a band that weren't successful would be Blood On The Dance floor, because they had to cancel they're Austrailian tour because only 6 people bought tickets

this shows that as a band
they have poor promotion skills
So what's an example of a good ensembles
A good band for this example is The Beatles

They revolutionised music, and gave the public a new type of music
They worked perfectly together as a band
They were talented
They were committed
What makes a Bad Example of a music ensemble?
What Makes For a Successful Ensemble?
To make a good ensemble, You have to make sure you are constantly open to learning new songs quickly, this means mastering your instrument

Of course there's no point in being talented at your instrument if you're never there, or late for practice to be the perfect band member Reliability is the key
Continuing from practicing, Here is example of bad practice:
Few musicians spend their working lives as soloists. Most commonly, musicians work as part of a group or ensemble of some kind.

This Presentation will help me identify the roles and responsibilities of members of musical ensembles

In Short, I will use this presentation as a medium to explain how bands like the Beatles were successful in being popular where other bands have failed to, and how exactly a band becomes a intentional hit and finally I will give an example of a time I have worked in an ensemble as a musician

Here's other peoples views on what makes a good ensemble
Here is an example of The Beatles performing amazingly as a band
the things that makes a bad ensemble or musician is typical laziness, and not being bothered to be part of a team

this extends to not being bothered to learn the songs, or you're instrument, not turning up to gigs or practice, and when you do you don't do much anyway

reliability is the key and if your not reliable bands won't want you
Here is a screen shot from
I was there on time, and didn't leave the venue till after everyone had performed
I played all my parts correctly and worked as an ensemble to get the song done
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