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The Middle Ages Project-Bishop

No description

Hana Shafique

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of The Middle Ages Project-Bishop

A Day in the Life of a Bishop
Upperclassmen tended to eat
foods such as geese, larks,
chicken, and other meats.
If they lived close to water,
they would eat fish as well.
They also commonly had
cheese and other dairy products.
They could also afford
large quantities of flour and

They wore lavish clothes. They were
hats called miters (a tall hat that looks
like a pointed arch). Bishops wore a variety of clothing such as albs, (which resembled a sort of white tunic) rationals, (which were awarded by the Pope to mark special distinction and were worn over the shoulder, ornamented with hollow plates) and a pectoral cross. They wore many of the same clothes as a feudal lord.

Responsibilities/Duties of Bishops
Were responsible for levying taxes
on the peasants. Settling important issues in the Church. Maintaining
his own army. Bishops had become so powerful, the king consulted the bishop in everyday affairs over the state. Bishops supervised the church's priests, monks and nuns and administered its business. Bishops settled disputes over Church practice. Bishops supervised priests.

Bishops used to live in either castles & manors. They also lived in palaces.

Even More Duties:
Listened to plights of all clergymen below him. Settled annulments for marriages. Takes care of spiritual soundness of the diocese. Implements code of the church in the diocese. Supervise priests monks and nuns. They were the leaders of the church. They also took part in government.

The church got its wealth from
people donating land, money,
and jewelry as a penance for sins
committed. The church was paid
to provide the education for
children of nobles. Also, everyone
paid for the sacraments.
Living Conditions
Bishops were accepted in court and generally lived with the same luxuries as the nobvles in the Middle Ages. Bishops often came from rich families. They were often wealthy. They had their own castle to conduct business in. In this way, they were firmly established in feudal society. They were accepted in royal courts and dabbed in politics.
How has your medieval person's life been affected by decentralization?

The church was its own separate power and had its own organization. Religion was a major unifier in the Middle Ages. This affected the bishops, as they had the responsibility to unify the society. Overall, bishops had more responsibility.
What role does your medieval person play in feudalism? In manorialism?

Feudalism and manorialism created division between people. However, the shared beliefs in the teachings of the Church including bishops did the complete opposite, and brought the people closer together.

What is the impact of the Catholic Church on your medieval person? How does it influence them on a daily basis?

The Catholic Church influenced bishops very significantly because their lives revolved around religions and the Church. In addition, they dealt with religion and the Church on a daily basis, as it is their main job.
Interactions among members of the family

Bishops usually came from wealthy noble families, therefore they had strong, good interactions between members of their noble families. Bishops also had close interactions between priest and kings and popes. They were high up in the social status, ahead of kings and nobles. In addition, it was not unusual for a bishop to lead his own knights into battle. He had close interactions with lords as well.

Sleeping Arrangements
For bishops, sleeping arrangements consisted of the bishops sleeping in quarters with the rest of the bishops. Their sleeping quarters were within the castles, manors, or palaces.
Now that you have plenty of background of what it is that I do, now I'm going to walk you through my daily routine so that you can get the best possible feel of what it is that I do! Let's head over to the church!
This is a prime example of a Middle Ages church. This is my workplace and I will show you what it that I do inside this prestigious building.
This is a traditional
example of what I
wear on a daily basis.
My name is Henry,
follow me on my
daily routine!
When I wake up, I do my morning prayers. Then, I eat breakfast, usually consisting of eggs and milk.
Next, I go to the part of my palace in which I conduct business. Some days, I will go to a political building and participate in the politics.
I live in the Frankish kingdom.
It is close to modern day France.
Just the other day, I had to help with a dispute among the Church practice. Settling these is my duty and I must make sure I fulfill it!
Sorry guys, hold on just a moment, the king needs my opinion on a state affairs regarding land amounts. I'll be right back!
Okay I am back...where were we? Oh yes, that is right, after settling important disputes and assisting the king in his decisions, I must supervise the priests! They were the lowest members of our clergy and I need to be sure they are doing exactly what is it that they should be doing!
The next part of my day consists of imposing taxes on the peasants. This is one of my main responsibilities. If I have not mentioned, I am one the main leaders of the church.
Ugh, give me another second, I appear to be such a busy bee sometimes!!!
Alright, I am back, again, this time I checking on my army. I also have a job to maintain my own army by the way!
My day appears to be coming to a close, however I need to make sure that I take care of spiritual soundness of the diocese.
I hope you enjoyed spending a day with me and seeing all of the duties that I perform on a daily basis!
Part of the reason why I love my job is because the Church is such a unifier of my people!
I have to admit, my job can be very difficult. I just wish we had more cities, because without them, I have so much more responsibility.
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