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My Brother Sam is Dead

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of My Brother Sam is Dead

My Brother Sam is Dead
By:James Lincoln Collier &
Christopher Collier

Summary by: Emilie
Vocabulary Words
It means to climb awkwardly and quikly.

It is a coin used in 1972.

Someone who learns by a skilled person.

Something or someone that is evil or inmoral.

Too showy or to bright.

Some who betrays his or her country.

To set up something

something people think is unfair

A tormentor

A group of soldiers that only serve in emergencys

Mr. Heron
Tim is sams brother witch is kind of a coward and he is not strong as hes brother sam.
Sam is a patriot who went against hes father wich is in the british side. He is also tims brother
Father is very extrict with hes children
he is in the british side not like sun sam wich is in the patriots side.
He is Fathers friend which is the one who writes the letters so that tim can give it to Mr.Burr
The Setting
The setting of this story is in many places one of
the settings is: Lexington where home one , Another is one is his consents house. This book has also very descriptive settings.
Time Period

The summary of this story is that first Sam leaves Lexington because he was going to become a patriot. Then his brother has to decide if he was in his fathers (British) side or his brothers (Patriot) side. At the end of the story Sam dies.

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