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The 70's

No description

shelby shovein

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of The 70's

Thank You! Thank you for your attention! Thanks again! I had a great time working on this prezi and
doing 70's research. I worked really hard on this
and hoped you liked it. is here People of the 70's wore bold clothing. They wore bright colors and patt-erns. Others wore less colorful clothing and acessories. Some of the clot-ing they wore were bell-bottomed pants, platform shoes, t-shirts, hot p-ants, and peasant dresses. These were to completely different styles but you could have seen them together on any woman. People of the 70's listened to rock and roll music as well as pop. They enjoyed singers and musicians like The Partridge Family, Shaun Cassidy, a-nd Elton Jhon.
People of the 70's also enjoyed songs such as "Crocodile Rock" by Elt-on Jhon and "Puppy Love" by Donny Osmond.
Other musicans and singers:
Marie Osmond
Bob Dylan
Rolling Stones
Technology of the 70's was pretty basic. They had t.v's similar to the ones we have today but they had different t.v programs to watch. They listened to music on records that you would listen to with a record player. They also listened to music on the radio. Other types of technology they had were vcr's, computers, calculaters, and photocopie-rs. These devices were used in buisnesses but some of them were too expensive for many schools. Clothing 70's Music Technology The 70's
By: Shelby Shovein
For: Social Studies Olympiad School: Browning Elementary Schooling Schools back in the 70's weren't that different from the ones
we have today. They had lockers, a gym, classrooms, and a cafe-
teria like any other school. But a school worksheet was called a
ditto and it's print was a strange purple color instead of black
and white. Instead of watching an educational tape the teacher
showed a film strip which was a series of images with a voice
narration. No computers were provided. Students didn't even le-
arn to type until they were in high school. My Sources
a 70's inspired book
knowledge of the 70's
Aol search
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