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Disabled People

No description


on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Disabled People

Thank You!
What Are They Used On?
Drones are used on two things ,killer drones are used on war.But the good news is that there can be ambulance drones, police drones, drones to play with,and much more.
Police drones are used on finding robbers and stop people that are robing a bank.They also are used on security.
Ambulance drones are bigger because they have a container that have medicine, and other objects to cure people.They come before the ambulance.
How Can We Help?
Drones are really helpful and they can also be dangerous.My project is helping people in wheelchair reach higher things.So my project is like half of a drone and you can attache to the wheels.THen you just control the wheelchair.
Police Drones

What Is A Drone?
Drones are like helicopters except it has more wings and propellers.They can also come in different size.
Ambulance Drones
Disabled People
Disabled people are people with disability.I am trying to help people in wheelchair.Drones can help.Diabled people can get their disability when they are born or in a accident or because of age.
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