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Science Part 2: Technology

tvs and signals and stuff

Carson Covell

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Science Part 2: Technology

The New Technology Being Developed You Wouldn't believe the new things that are being created! Presentation by Carson Covell and Christian Bueche The New Technology in TVs Diffence in Signals for Your TV Analog Digital Analog is a process of taking the audio that is taken in such as images or sound and turning it into electric pulses that you can see on your TV In digital signal the audio is taken in and transferred into numbers that tell your TV what to produce on the screen The Invention of HD TV Over-The-Air HD TV This is most likely one of the easiest ways to get HD channels on your TV
Everyone gets these channels and you dont have to pay for them or buy them specially
The channels are broadcasted in HD and transerd to your TV HD television is TV but broadcasted in higher difenition so that the picture you see is crystal clear and makes you feel like you are actually there WiFi What is WiFi? The radio waves can only connect to antenas that will capture that certain frequency. When the routers recieve the signal it decodes it and sends the message to your internet and you see it on your screen. WiFi is what we use to get most of the internet that we use on our computers. It makes it easy to connect to the internet and do what ever you choose. WiFi has made our daily lives much easier. How it Works
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