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CEO # 4: Toke Awofala

No description

Toke Awofala

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of CEO # 4: Toke Awofala

My 3 Goals
To get at the least a silver on the scale challenge .
To practice a full 120 minutes every practice journal of 2014
To know all the fingering on my insturment by our next concert.
I have been practicing the scale sheet that Mr.Xydas gave us and i am able to play at least half of the sheet straight through. Most of the scales I had to drop a octave or two, but in all with a little more practice I should get a silver or maybe a gold.
How successful was in goal 1

Even though this is not a goal that I can really not achieve until we get back to school and get another practice journal , but i have been thinking about my schedule and how and what is the best way to fit in practicing. I will use my practice journal more so i will know what we did in class and not guess.That will help me complete my minutes.
How successful was I in goal 2
When I practice goal 1 it helps me because it helps learn me learn my fingerings , because I am trying to go as fast as I can and play the right notes. The first few days were tough ,because i was constantly looking in the back of the book for the fingerings and now as i practice I don't look as much . I used to count how many times I looked in the back of book as I practice every time the number gets smaller.
how I was successful in goal 3
What I need to work on is skipping notes when I go to fast I skip notes ans it would through me off. i would try to take my time but then it would be more than 90 secs and that was my problem fitting into that time zone
What i need to work on in goal 1
I cant really say that there is any thing that i really work on , but what I had trouble with before break was commitment to practice everyday for 17 minutes. What i need to do is tell my self that the only way to get better is to practice.
what I need to work on for goal 2
The thing that I have a problem is that I get confused with the flats and the sharp fingering. Even though I know the fingering i just forget which ones are the same and which aren't
what i need to work on for goal 3
over the break we had a lot of people stay over at different times and a lot of them were little kids. So when I needed to practice I would have remove my self from what ever they were doing and practice. but of course the little ones would come to my room and bug me, nut in the end they would sit next to me and listen.
things that came up with practicing my goals
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