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Inspiring Digital Natives

No description

daan beeke

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of Inspiring Digital Natives

Inspiring Digital Natives
to Become Readers
Daan Beeke
policy developer
The centre of knowledge and expertise on reading promotion and literature education in the Netherlands.
The objective of Stichting Lezen is to promote reading, to improve the reading climate and culture.
Reading promotion?
Research on reading and reading socialisation
knowledge and expertise
society (awareness raising)
Funded by the Dutch government
Knowledge and expertise about reading promotion:
reading out loud to children
reading in free time
talking about books
access to
professional help
help from parents and friends
time to read
Key findings:
Some book apps are more equal than others
animations can be more helpful than illustrations
too many bells and whistles will not help
children that are being read to by an app, understand as much as when an adult reads to them
children with low language proficiency, benefit from book apps
book apps motivate children to read
How to recognize a "good" app?
a pleasant and professional reading voice
not too many distractions; options are functional
animations relate to the story (in which case they are better than illustrations)
sounds relate to the story, and can be switched off for children who find reading difficult
games can draw children into the fictional world
the app needs to (be able to) run off line, for better concentration
text is visible
apps aid in media-socialisation
Best children's book app
Best children's book spin off
in collaboration with
dbeeke@lezen.nl @tweetdaan
Established in 1988
Where is the magic?
The magic is in the head!
Being Postdigital, some questions:
Reading time in minutes per day
Time spent on media
Does it change how we read?
Does it change what reading is?
Does it change the way we respond to reading?
Does it change the way we promote reading?
promotion of books through book trailers
helping to find the right book on the web
book promotion through personal book reviews
interactive live stream with author and creative responses
digital stories, analogue conversations
expert meeting about digital story telling
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