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My quality world

No description

bekas ali

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of My quality world

I am learning as much as i can about green energy and trying to educate anyone that will listen. we can all make a change together. i would love to accomplish making the world a better place than it is now for our kids.
i would love to achieve everything on by bucket list. i started writing it two years ago and add each year. i have crossed off 30% of the 146 goals i have so far. i want to live with no regrets and tons of happiness.
i like to live life very positively without judging anyone. other people with these qualities usually end up relating with me.
people that are aware of the environment and want to spark a change relate most with me. I like people that are not materialist but spend there lives having fun while being conscious of whats happening in the world.
My quality world
Bekas Ali
My quality world
I like to surround my self with people with a similar mind set to mine.
I would love to own my own small business, environmentally friendly house and architecture firm
i have many values that keep me sane and productive. i don't judge people. i try to help others. i try to be as happy as possible. i treat others will and make them smile. i work to make the world better and inspire others as well.
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