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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Stephanie Castillo

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece
political units made up of a city and all the surrounding lands
where people banded together to form groups
place where people could meet and trade
gave people a new sense of identity
fortress on a hill
"top city"
houses and markets
The Golden Age of Greece
One of the earliest peoples to use voting to make major decisions.
1000 AD
300 BC
500 BC
a period in society's history marked by great achievements
1000 BC
An invading army caused the Greek city-states to ban together and fight against a common enemy
army was huge, well-trained and experienced
No one single army
Each city-state had an army, but not as big as Persia's
The victory over the Persians gave the people of Greece confidence and they realized they were capable of great achievements.
Athenian Culture
Greece was led by Athens
Pericles was ruler of Athens around 400 BC. He supported arts and the creation of great works.
World's first
in the hands of the people
Ideas from city leaders had to be approved by an assembly made up of the city's free men before they were enacted. It was vital that all the men of Athens took part in making government decisions.
Architecture and Art
Greek temples and other buildings were often decorated with statures and carvings.
The artists wanted their works to look realistic.
Scientists studied people to learn how the body worked
They knew that the earth rotated on its axis and revolved around the sun.
The Hippocratic oath - described the Greeks' notion of ethical behavior. It is still sworn by doctors today.
The Father of Medicine
Greek philosophers studied people and how they could be happy
"The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing".
"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others." ----Plato
"Happiness depends on ourselves". ----Aistotle
Short film made to explain "The Allegory of the Cave" written by Plato
Ten quotes from Socrates
Stories of Greek Heroes and their daring adventures, poems about love and friendship, and myths meant to teach you lessons about life.
Thea ancient Greeks were the first people to write and perform drama or plays.
Often seen as a symbol of ancient Athens.
It was a beautiful temple to goddess Athena.
The people of Athens considered Athena their protector.
Once a year, the people of Athens, held a great festival in honor of Athena. Part of the festival included a great procession that wound through the city.
The Parthenon was decorated with carving of events from Greek history and mythology.

Like most Greek Temples, the Parthenon huge marble columns to support its roof.
Inside the Parthenon was a magnificent stature of Athena by the sculptor Phidias. Many people consider him the greatest sculptor in Greece.
The Decline of the City-State
Athens vs. Sparta
Life as a Spartan Warrior
Ancient Sparta
Peloponnesian Wars
Alexander the Great
For the first time in Greek history, all of Greece was unified under a single ruler
Alexander was from Macedonia, just north of Greece
Alexander swept into Greece with a strong, well-trained army in 336 BC
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