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Bad Boy - Walter Dean Myers

Bad Boy by Walter Dean Myers. . .

Nhu Tran

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Bad Boy - Walter Dean Myers

Bad Boy - Walter Dean Myers
Nhu Tran
ELA | Block 2

Other Characters:
Walter’s family
● Florence Dean (adoptive mother)
● Herbert Dean (adoptive father)
● Leroy Dean (Uncle Lee)
● William Dean
● Mary Dolly Green (biological mother)
● George Myers (biological father)
● Viola Dean
● Gerry Dean

Main Character
Walter Dean Myers:
High school drop out.
Adopted child.
Play basketball.
Love to read & write.
● Eric Leonhardt
● Frank Hills
Other adults in his life
● Dr. Holiday (psychologist)
● Mr. Lasher (fifth grade teacher)
● Mrs. Dworkin (first grade teacher)
● Mrs. Bower (fourth grade teacher)

After Walter's mom death, he got adopted by Herbert Dean & they move to Harlem, New York.
Rising action
Walter got accepted to Stuyvesant High School
Walter drop out of high school (although now Stuyvesant High claims him as a graduate)
Falling action
Join military service on his 17th birthday.
Walter become a successful writer.
Internal conflict: Character vs. Self
Walter doesn't know what to do with his life or what he want to do in the future.
Always look aheda & keep pushing forward
Harlem, New York
11 year old.
Walter & his brother, Mickey
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