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maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Deep sea fishes have light organs that help them see in poorly lit areas
Some have their habits by baring them selves
Some live in near- total darkness ,freezing temperatures, and great water pressure
Some fish that live in the deep sea live under 1000 feet

Fish obtain food from a wide range of sources. Some fish feed mainly on plants. They eat algae, called herbivores seaweed, and other water plants
Parrotfish nibble with beaklike mouths to get at the plants living within the coral
Anchovies and sardines swim with their mouths wide open, catching tiny plankton. Instead of large teeth, which would not be very useful, they have comb like gill rakers attached to their gills that

Scientists who have divided the 21,000 species of living fish into two main groups: jawless fish and jawed fish
Only about 70 species of jawless fish living in lakes and seas and Jawless fish lack true jaws and have skeletons made of cartilage
Shark lived in open waters, while others lived at the bottom of the seas Some were heavily armored, with deadly sharp teeth. Many grew very large, up to 30 feet long
Bony fish or Osteichthyes. They are the largest group of fish by far. Bony fish, which have jaws and skeletons made of bone, are divided into four groups of fish species lungfish (Dipneusti), coelacanths (Crossopterygii), bichirs (Brachiopterygii), and ray-finned fish (Actinopterygii).
Ray-finned fish are the largest group of fish alive today. Two of the groups of bony fish, lungfish and coelacanths, are lobe-finned fish

types of fish
why do fish like corn
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