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No description

nathan richner

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Hunting

Guns/Ammo Seasons Tree Stands/Blinds Food Plots/Feed Rifle Orange Location Camouflage 30-06 12 gauge Doe bleat Feed Plot Call Buck grunt Any questions? You should get camouflage that matches your surroundings. Every season has a certain amount of orange required. A common gun for deer is a 30-06. A common gun for turkey is a 12 gauge. With a buck grunt you call three times in a row. With a doe bleat you call two times in a row. With a rattle call you call for about 2 minutes. plastic horns raddle You can hunt on the ground but in a stand is a big advantage. A common gun for squirrel is a 22. 22 You can put your tree stand in the woods 2 weeks early and you have to take it out 2 weeks after all seasons. You can't put feed out during hunting season. Archery season is from October to November Rifle season is just December Late archery and muzzle loader is from December to January. Fields are good because you don't have all the trees in your way. Woods are good too because they go there for cover. You also have to know what way the wind is blowing. Hunting By: Nathan Richner Muzzle loader Bow Crossbow Decoys You can get life size plastic or foam deer. Wild Turkey Seasons (Fall)

A minimum of 250 square inches on head, chest and back.

Deer, Bear & Elk Firearms Seasons

A minimum of 250 square inches on head, chest.

All Small Game Seasons

A minimum of 250 square inches on head and chest . Florescent orange requirements Plots are good but putting out feed is less expensive. You can either use a permanent tree stand or a climber.
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