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Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

No description

Mary Jesus

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Vampyres- vampires are mytholgical or folkloric begins who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures.
Affinity- a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.
fledgling- the begining life of a vampyre.
ritual- a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions preformed according to a prescribed order.

Zoey, Stevie-Rae, Damien, Heath, Shaunne, Erin, Neferet, Erik, Loren, and Aphrodite. These characters all play an important part in the story with our main character Zoey. They have small parts, but they are important pieces in the story.
Underneath The Depot
House of Night
Media Center

These are the key places that are in the book. House of Night is the main setting throughout the whole book.
Description of Characters
main climax
The main climax occurs during the Dark Daughter's ceremony when Zoey assists her four friends in finding their affinity. The four friends are Stevie-Rae, Damian, Shaunne, and Erin. Stevie-Rae was given Earth, Damian was given Air, Shaunne was given Fire, and Erin was given Water. Zoey has all four of the affinities including her main one Spirit.

Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
The theme of the book ties along with the title of the book, Betrayed. The theme is "Be careful who you trust. The closest person to you could betray you."
Underneath The Depot ~ Underground Tunnels that lead to where Heath is, so Zoey follows through them to save him from the dead fleadlings
House of Night ~ School for fleadlings
Media Center~ Part seperate of the school that contains the library and computers.
Starbucks ~ A modern coffee shop.
Mall-An arrangment of shops.
Description of Setting
Zoey-Main character of book. Leader of the Dark Daughters
Stevie-Rae-Zoey's bestfriend, a southern gal, from Oklahoma.(Zoey's Roomate)
Damien- A homosexual fledgling who is Zoey's friend, and he is very intellegent.(Dark Sons & Daughters)
Heath- Zoey's ex-boyfriend(Human) who is attached to Zoey by an imprint
Shaunne- Shaunne is the other-half of Erin, friend of Zoey, and part of the Dark Daughters.
Erin-Erin is the other-half of Shaunne, friend of Zoey(As well), and part of the Dark Daughters(AS WELL.)
Neferet-Head Mistress of the House of Night, and she is Zoey's mentor.
Erik-Zoey's current boyfriend(Fledgling), involved in the arts, and he is part of the Dark Sons(& Daughters)
Loren- Vampyre teacher who is having relations with Zoey.
Aphrodite- The mean girl of the school, who is out to help Zoey not destroy, and she is the old leader of the Dark Daughters(& Sons)
Plot of the story.
Zoey has only been a vampyre fledging for a month and is already a part of the Dark Daughters. Then a strange string of murders among the ranks of local football players lead the police and the human media to the Tulsa House of Night.
Zoey Redbird is a fledgling finishing school at the House of Night. While she is there shes there she gets chosen to be a leader of a main group called Dark Daughters. Then some tragic things happen and all the evidence points towards the House of Night. Then some thing else tragic happens and it happens when Zoey needs her friends the most.
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