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TILs Certificate Program

No description

Eren Fukuda

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of TILs Certificate Program

Congratulations! You are now in the TILs Certificate Program!

Who are we?
You are
Leaders-in-Training (LITs of '15)

What does that mean?
Be the core of TILs, become a team of future leaders
Through participating in various social events, volunteering activities, and professional development workshops...
leadership, communication,
teamwork skills
, and
build connections
with others by using these skills
Be a "leader" to other international students and your community

TILs Certificate Program
As LITs, You are expected to
grow as future leaders
and act as the
core of the TILs program

Attend at least
5 TIL events
through this school year (2014-2015)
Complete the
Final Collaborative Project
Keep in touch
with us and your own mentors and us (respect deadlines, respond to emails, attend meetings)

Requirements & Expectations
Video blog about life at UCSD as an international student
"TILs Strawberry Picking" event proposal for TILs program (Spring, 2015)
April Earth Day interview video with the UCSD International Club
"You See SD Guidebook" ...a guidebook for incoming international students
Some projects from LITs 2013-2014...
TILs event summaries
For each of the 5 events that you attend, write a
short summary
Include 1 photo from the event
1 Short paragraph
Email it to Yang and your own mentor
Within one week after the event
TILs Certificate Program
~Leaders-in-Training (LITs) Kickoff 11/25/14~
What is it?
Create a
or organize an
that will
benefit International students
Work with other LITs or mentors while building teamwork and leadership skills
Learn how to use resources and connect with other organizations/groups

Final Collaborative Project (pt. 1)
Final Collaborative Project (logistics)
Want to talk about the TILs certificate program?
--> Yang (yangyangl@mail.ucsd.edu)

Not sure about the Final Collaborative Project?
--> Eren (erenf@mail.ucsd.edu)

Need to discuss more? --> Talk to your mentors!
We are here for you!
Do your own project or join a project
Project proposal due 1/17/2015
Mentors will be assigned to each project
Mid-report due 3/29/2015
Projects and project summary due 4/30/2015
End-of-Year Celebration: present your work!
: Final Collaborative Project proposal deadline
3/29: Project mid-report due
4/30: Projects and project summary due
End-of-Year Celebration: present your projects, celebrate the end of the school year, and get your TIL Certificate!
Congratulations! You are officially in the TILs Alumni Network!
Any Questions?
Final Collaborative Project (pt. 2)
Some options:
Organize a TIL event during winter/spring quarter
Collaborate with a student org/group
Create a presentation teaching others the importance of cross-cultural engagement
Create a project that contributes to the TIL programs objectives
Come up with your own ideas! Be creative!
Thank You, LITs of '15!
Project proposals, summaries and mid-reports must be completed individually, not one per group!
Look out for an email with details about the project!
Feel free to ask questions!
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