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Marialuisa Burgos

No description

Marialuisa Burgos

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Marialuisa Burgos

Marialuisa Burgos
Period 2

Phrases/words important to my family and me
Ponte listoooo (Be attent.)
Watch yourself.
Buenos dias (good morning)
No pressure.
You don't have all night.
Family traditions
Eating all together at the table
Go to church
Family reunions
On New Years we countdown from ten to one. We shout out "Happy New Years" and give each other a big hug. We eat the number of grapes as the new year and make a wish for each year.
My life in pictures
Where I'm from

I'm from a place where its loud and busy. In the morning, it smells like a bakery. If you go to the city, the sightings are beautiful. It feels nice being there.
The names of People in My Family
Chino (dad)
Mother (mom)
Libe (sister
Puchis (brother)
Tata (brother)
Diana (cousin)
Chawi (cousin)
Abuelito, Abuelita (grandpa, grandma)
Tia, (aunt)
Emi (cousin)
Caro (cousin)
My beliefs
There is such things as miracles.
Yummy foods

My Childhood Memories
When I was little I remember I would sing and dance. I was a little fighter. I loved to make my own waterpark with a hose.
I would constantly jump from one couch to another, and pretend that the floor was lava and that if I touched the floor I would die.
When I was about 2 or 3 years old, I was terrified of my own shadow. I lived in New York, so when winter came around, I would have to wear a big bulky jacket when we went out, so when we went out at night, I would see my shadow all huge and I would start to cry and run away from it .
My Favorite Things To Do
I like playing soccer,basketball, and volleyball. I like traveling, getting to know new places. I love eating really tasty foods. I love eating cheesecake. I enjoy dressing up, like for a party and what not . I love watching movies, mostly horror movies. And I like taking pictures.
Foods that are important to me and my family are tostadas, burritas, tamales, tacos, and
My Ten Character Traits
I am authentic such as trustworthy or genuine. I have compassion.
I have curiosity about everything around me. I can have dedication, when something is really really important to me. I am super grateful for everything I have, especially my family. I have humility such as having the condition of being humble. I'm kind. I have so much patience. I am respectful. I am responsible.

picture albums
my parents
This past week I learned a whole bunch of words and their meanings on dictionary.com. I recognized character traits that I have. In picking out pictures of myself, I saw pictures of me that I haven't seen in a really long time. I had to remember what foods I really liked and things I enjoyed doing. I also asked my parents what I was like when I was little , giving me a few childhood memories to write down.
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