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El Paso, Texas

No description

paulina chacon

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of El Paso, Texas

Why do I like El Paso
Texas? Hueco Tanks State It has become something very important to the
City of El Paso.
It has become a Summer tradition. they do dance
and musicals about mexico. Wyler Aerial Tramway El Paso Mission Trail Café Mayapán Chih'ua Tacos y Cortes By: Paulina Chacon El Paso, Texas Because I was born there, i lived there
and I know place and restaurants Spanning more than 860 acres, this park is named for the large rock basins or "huecos" that have supplied water to this desert-like region for many centuries. you
could hike, camping, rock climibing The visitor arrives at a parking area that sits at an elevation of 4,692 feet. The view of El Paso, to the east, is magnificent. Mexican food that will please every palate. Try one their signature dishes or their scrumptious soups such as the caldo Jalalpeño and wash it down with a refreshing agua de limón. high school has been there seen a long while.
the reason why i chioce this school was it is hunted by gost in the school, there has been new about and videos of it. Franklin Mountains State Park America's largest urban park measures
more than 24,247 acres, covering 37 square miles. You could do mountain biking, and hiking too. Nature/ Wildlife Areasl, just go and see the history of the church Viva El Paso Distance: 4 miles round tripElevation Gain: 2175 ft
Hike Time: 3 hours
Trail Condition: OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType: Out and Back
From the parking area, climb the road to the water tank. Follow the trail east from the tank and up hill. The trail will turn right around the arroyo, then right again and downhill. very fun to do with family. Thousand steps trail this place does the best tacos in the world. they serve tocas and steaks. They come from mexico Coronado High School
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