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English P Video

Is technology trapping our culture?

Rama Cryer

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of English P Video

Techonolgy: How great is it? we have so many
new oportunities Pros: Cons: How is technology
effecting your lifestyle? Changes should be made Our technological advancements
are so vast over the recent years
Back in the day Getting better more powerful
and portable And then crazy
small and light
and powerful! See how technology hass
advanced over the years We love our gadgets
and become addicted
to them. People text message
all the time. We can comunicat with friends and family
over much greater distances in the blink
of an eye
Our lives are simpler with our
technology to make things easier for us. We can do tasks more efficiently and quickly

It creates more forms of entertainment

More ways to express ones self through art, music, performance, etc.

With faster computers, construction equipment, and other devices
we can accomplish more with less time. Our world becomes
a better place and we can do things the smart way! Humans by nature desire a break from their busy days.
Games, Video, Music, it is all more easily created and
shared with the world. With more ways to share your creations, the more
you can receive new ways of thinking
to expand your own ideas and expand
the ideas of others around you. We can be blinded by our love of our technology.

Our blindness can stop us from seeing our addiction.

Our loss of human interaction while glued to a screen can deplete us of our social abilities! Our technology is good, but we can't let it take us over. Addiction to technology is not healthy and can lead to shuting yourself away from the world. As social beings, our culture will suffer from loss of social skills. We don't want to become a society of awkward zombies.
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