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I am going to talk about werewolves. they have been a legend for a very long time, stories of them have been told throughtout the entire world, i am going to talk how they are formed what they do and e.t.c

paul saggot

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Werewolves

Werewolves legend have been around us
for a long time... Many stories told many people died from werewolves. There are two different types of werewolves. Werewolves will feed on anything that is meat.
Werewolves will attack anything that they sense
that has meat on them, the only way to repel
them is holy water. I know you thought i would
say a silver bullet but silver bullets don't kill a werewolf, it
will just hurt it alot, regular bullets don't do anything to a
wolf because its not holy, holy water and silver bullets are holy. Reason for holy stuff is because werewolves and vampires are not holy, they are like "demons from hell" and holy to them burns or hurts for them alot. So if you ever see one, be sure
A person has to get bite from a
wolf or werewolf to become one.
The first transformation happens
on a full moon for the person to
become one. Not a new moon, quater
moon, or half moon, a full white moon. There is type of plant that can cure a werewolf or make you become one. The Wolf's bane, this type of plant has an antidote that can cure a werewolf. The reason it is called Wolf's bane is because each of its row has 3 rows of teeth or cause in the old stories, Wolf's bane help cure people that are werewolves. There is a legend of man who became somthing like a wolf... It was in the 1500. There was a german woodcutter who has been attacked by a big wolf, he had claw marks allover his back. After he was done he started to go home, but it was a full moon. He started to feel weird. Sooner or later his entire body formed in a wolf-like form. A week later, the police have more then 50 villigers dead, their body torn and heads ripped off. The woodcutter realized that he done of all this and so did the police, they took him to prison untill they have a cure for him. Days and days later, there has been no full moon... ,till now, the police watched the woodcutter transform into a werewolf. Poor man had to be kiled by buckshot... Somthing what the woodcutter would look like when transformed.
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