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Anthony Celeste

No description

Susan Baker

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of Anthony Celeste

Anthony Celeste
The Nuer Tribe
Six lines for six reasons.
Don’t act like a child
Don’t rely on your parents
Don’t commit any crimes
You must be honorable wherever you go
Don’t be greedy or over eat
Don’t make adultery with anyone of your blood

They commonly use dairy and corn is their meals. The meals vary between different states. They also use many types of plants for many soups and stews.
This flag consists of six different colors. Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black and Green. Their code of arms has a rhinoceros, two spears and a crane on it. Three words are written on it. Justice, Equality and Dignity. Their state seal has an Eagle and two tools crossing over each other.
They only build temporary housing. When men are with cattle, they build small houses out of nearby grasses. They also move according to proceeding or preceding rivers.
Men tend to wear loose fitting close and a turban like headpiece. Women wear one piece “dresses”. They will wrap themselves in a blanket like materials to block male “eyes”
Nile river is a natural dividing line for and tribes. Settled in the swampy area around the nile. They will settle near the Zeraf basin and the Sobat basins where they feud over fishing rights against other tribes.
Once the children reach maturity they will get their 4 incisors and 4 lower canines taken out. Once the boys grow into adulthood they get 5 to 6 horizontal lines cut on their forehead. Once the children are adults and ready for marriage they will look for a partner. To marry a woman, the male needs to trade cattle for the lady. The father of the daughter will say yes or no to the boy and take, or leave the cattle.
There have been civil wars going on since 1983. This makes it tough for the Nuer to get water and keep their young healthy. They will even recruit kids into war to fight when they are low on real soldiers.
Historical Facts
They've had Civil Wars since 1983
They have always been mutual enemies with the rivaling dinka tribe
The Nuer
The Nuer tribe is an African tribe located in sudan. During the sudanese war they were stranded across sudan, ethiopia and Kenya.
Conflict in the past few decades
Since 1983 There have been civil wars raging. These have been over water, food, land and oil/precious metals
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