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Impact of Urbanization

Environmental Science

Sydney Teresinski

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Impact of Urbanization

Impacts Economical
Impacts Ecological
Impacts Social
Impacts The Product Urbanization Urbanization Decreases birth and death rates Leads to the destruction of habitats and food cycles of animals Urbanization A high increase in poverty to begin with Urbanization Resources The degree of or increase in urban character or nature Smaller families (easier to house and feed) More technology leads to a longer life span Varies the income and position of authority Parents with better jobs are focused on work and not on family life Urbanization Offers proper sanitation Establishes cultural diversity A greater variety of jobs More urbanization will steadily decrease Provides job opportunities Challenging to find Over decades it becomes well developed in technological innovations Higher standards of living are available Set apart parks and special land reserves for wildlife Teaches people the importance of recycling Results in a loss of biodiversity New schools provide a strong learning community Planned development can help lessen the effects on the environment Suburban sprawl takes away from agriculture, range lands, and woodlands Heat islands result in a peak of heat in some paved areas
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