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Teaching Portfolio Chart

No description

Barbara Ramirez

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of Teaching Portfolio Chart

Teaching Portfolio Chart
Purposes Of a Portfolio
1. Responsibilities- list responsibilities you have as a teacher
2. Skills- identify and documents strengths and weaknesses
3. Goals and Philosophy- what you want to achieve as a teacher
4. Document and Highlight Professional Development- what you have learned and achieved. Include goals you have accomplished
5. Document Teaching Experiences- Keeping record of lesson plans, activities, and communication with parents
6. Reflection- use past teaching experiences as a guide to what to do to better teaching in the future
Benefits of Portfolios
1. Reflection- Assess strengths and weaknesses and how to make changes
2. Visual Aid/ Resume- Share with others such as future employers and teachers to show the work you have done and goals you are working on
3. Promotes Organizational Skills- all information gathered is put into one location for easy access and guidance
4. Skills and Reference- Use as a reference in current and future lessons, skills you have achieved and skills you need to continue to work on
5. Achievement- Portfolio can grow with you. Record and update achievement and success throughout teaching career.
Teaching Portfolio Chart
Barbara Ramirez


July 11, 2014

Sue Dunning
Teaching portfolios have many purposes and benefits. They can be very beneficial and helpful in guiding you to a school that fits you. It is important to keep your portfolio organized, as it is an example of you as an individual. Take your time in creating a portfolio that is going to make you shine.
Teaching portfolios are very beneficial to those who are teachers and those who are working towards being a teacher. They can be created and used as a guide to professional development and reflection of teaching experiences. Portfolios can also be shared to future employers to share who you are and what your goals as a teacher are.
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