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Inflatable Rugby Pitches

No description

sriya thakrar

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Inflatable Rugby Pitches

Inflatable Rugby Pitches

Reasons Why...
- Traditional sport

- Change perception of middle class sport

- Fitness & exercise

- Create a legacy

- Allow all kids to participate in confidence
Our idea
unfortunately participation figures in the sport are rapidly decreasing with over 30,000 less people taking part in the sport from 2011/2012 through to 2012/2013
With the world cup just around the corner we at
SAS want to bring Rugby to the forefront of british sport, we aim to change perceptions of the sport, bring children into the sport at a younger age and creating a long lasting legacy off the back of the World cup
Inflatable rugby pitches
Foldable crash mat floor
Variation of sizes (general= 18m x 12m/ 60ft x 40ft)

Inside or outdoor use

Stakeholder map
Main customers
Schools- primary school children
Private hire customers
Sporting events - Rugby World Cup 2015 (outside stadiums, fanzones)
Parents- children's parties
Rugby clubs / tournaments
Local councils- events / fairs
Leisure centres
Other business- employee engagement days
Rugby Community
SAS Inflatable Rugby Pitches
Artist Impression...
RFU- Rugby Football Union
Rugby World Cup 2015
Legacy after world cup
Our pitches give the chance for younger children to participate in the sport
Buying and Renting:
Cost for parameter alone = £700
Cost for 1 foldable mat = £175 (four needed)
Cost for pump = £150
Cost for trolley £200
(prices increase or decrease depending on smaller or bigger pitches)
(2nd time buyer discount)

Save £250 buy all together for £1500
Floor Mats – £100 (four needed)
Parameter Materials – £400
Electric Pump – £100
Mat trolley 2.4 x 1.8 m (7.8 x 5.9 ft) – £100

- currently invested £2 Million & continuously investing more
- 600 primary schools
- Over 39,000 key stage 2 children (9-10 year olds)
- All 12 Aviva Premiership teams involved
- 6 week programme for children to learn rules of the sport and key life skills (teamwork/ leadership etc)
(Premiership Rugby, 2014)
Vouchers for schools program

- Products have tokens on packaging
- 100 tokens = 1 entry ticket
- 3 separate draw’s to win a pitch
- 1st draw primary schools with under 500 students
- 2nd draw primary schools with 501 –1000 students
- 3rd draw primary schools with 1001 students +
- 20 pitches available per draw

Increase popularity and participation of Rugby, long term.
Social Media
Advertisement Space...
Range in prices dependent on event
Typical Price- Rugby World Cup Outside Stadium: £1000 per panel
8 panels in total
(BBC Sport, 2013)
- BBC Sport (2013) Sport England: Participation down by 200,000 says survey, 13 June, available from http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/22806853, accessed on 6 March 2014

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Thank you for listening!
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