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No description

Erin Malone

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Unbroken

By: Laura Hillenbland
Erin Malone
Lauren Bergstrom
April Hanson
Megan Bland

Significance of Setting
Significance of Tone and Mood
Significance of character elements
The authors attitude toward the novel
is filled with pride in Zamperini's work
for his nation and throughout the novel she is extremely truthful.
Throughout the novel Hillenbrand uses evidence from Zamperini's life that portrays him as a superior solider and citizen for the United States

he had extreme pride in being American and Olympian

He kept calm while his friends were dying

he took command when the plane crashed and the captain was injured

He did not give any information away while being tortured
1929-1936 Torrance, California

1936 Berlin, Germany

1936-1941 USC and Air corps
1941, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
1942-1944 from Oahu, Hawaii to Funafuti,
May 27Th, 1943 to July 15Th, 1943 pacific ocean
July 15, 1943 to August 26, 1943 Kawjalen Execution Island
August 1943 to September 30, 1944 Ofuna Japan
October 1944 to March 1945 Omori, Japan'
March 1945 to September 1945 Naoetsu, Japan
August 6, 1945 Hiroshima, Japan
September to October 1945 Okhawa, Japan back to Long Beach, California and other places
1950 to 1954 California's San Gabriel mountains and victory camp

Though she portrayed him as a model citizen she also showed the flaws in his character and weak points in his life
As a child he was a criminal and a nuisance to the town

He had different low points while in the POW camps

He became an alcoholic when he got home from the war

He had an obsession with murdering one of his captors
Louie Zamperini: Main character, young delinquent, olympic runner, bombadier, extremely strong individual
The mood readers have while reading the novel is hopeful and they also feel triumphant
While reading the novel, every time Louie makes it through one of the hardships he had to face he gave the readers hope that he would continue to survive and stay strong
Throughout the novel Louie is victorious in all of his struggles and each time he is the readers feel victorious along with him.
The atmosphere the author creates using the tone and mood is that there is wonderful victories in life that can make you feel like you are on top of the world but along with them come awful tragedies and hardships that can make you wonder why you would want to live in the first place.
EX. He achieves his dream of going to the Olympics
Ex. He is tortured and almost dies in the POW camps
The Olympics
: represent his ambition and hard work because he started off as a nobody and his hard work got him to his dream
represents him conquering his fears because when he was little he swore he would never fly but when he grew older and joined the military he had to fly for his job so he faced his fears and did it
The Ocean
: Represents everything in Louie's life he does not have control over
"The Bird":
The POW camp officer represents
the evil in humanity.
He beats people physically and emotionally, and then expects people to love him
His Marriage:
Though Louie's love for his wife was true, his decision to get married so quickly represents his need for security after his life was so unreliable while being a captive in the war
When Louie is suffering from PTSD he becomes an alcoholic and every time he drinks the alcohol represents his sadness and pain
Broader Significance
The importance and significance of the novel is that it shows the hardships in life but if a person finds the strength and is able to fight their way through, they will be victorious
In the book Louie goes through several hardships, but each hardship he faces he gets through it by drawing strength from deep inside himself or through his faith or through the ones he loves.
How Louie handles each of the hardships he faces relates to a regular person and their struggles because it shows everyone has the strength to prosper if they are able to fight through like Louie did
The language Hillenbrand uses in the novel is formal because it is talking about serious subjects most of the time but occasionally she includes a funny voice that lightens the mood
Point of View
Unbroken is told in Third Person
Using third person point of view is effective in the novel because it allows the author to give the perspective and insight of other characters
Pete Zamperini: Louie's brother, guiding figure for Louie, "good kid" growing up, Navy official
Lt. Russel Allen Philips (Phil): Louie's Pilot and one of his closest friends, survived the plane crash with Louie and Mac
Sgt. Francis McNamara: Tail gunner in Louie's plane, survived the crash but died on the raft
Motsuhiro Watanabe (The Bird): POW camp officer, mentally unstable and power hungry, personal mission to break Louie
Cynthia Applewhite: Louie's wife, mother of his child, and leads him towards salvation
Significance of theme
The main idea the author portrays throughout the story is strength/ perseverance. When Louie was in the camps, he never gave in or allowed the officers to break his spirit.

Even after Louis returns from the war and he is faced with further challenges such as PTSD and alcoholism, he is brought back by Graham's sermon and goes onto do incredible things, such as give speeches, and run at the olympics at age 80 in Tokyo
Hillenbrand creates an extremely suspenseful and compelling view into Louie's life. She gives in depth descriptions of Louie's experience making the reader feel as if they are experiencing it with him.
-Louie competes in the Olympic Games in 1936.
-Louie becomes a bombardier in the army air corps. Himself and crew fly in a plane called, the Super Man. They have an air battle in the plan, but still land the plane with over five hundred bullet holes in the plane.
-The Super Man is damaged, so they are transferred to a less reliable plane called, the Green Hornet. The plane however, shot down over the Ocean. Louie and the pilot, Phil, were the only two survivors.
-Louie and Phil survive for forty six days, but then are captured by the Japanese and are sent to a POW camp. Louie's biggest nightmare became a guard nicknamed, the Bird.
-Louie returns home and marries his love, Cynthia. Together, they have a daughter and Louie develops a drinking problem. Cynthia files for divorce when she catches Louie shaking the baby.
-Cynthia changes her mind when Billy Grahm comes to town. She convinces Louie to go to one of his preaching sessions.
-Louie finds peace by finding faith in God, he becomes a motivational speaker, and he stops drinking.
-Louie forgives all the men who did him wrong during the war and he even sends the Bird a letter.
-In 1998 Louie carries the Olympic torch past Naoetsu, the place he was once imprisoned and he puts his dark past behind him.
The author failed to inform the readers on the back round of why the country was at war. She assumes the reader already knows all the reasons why.
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