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Advantages and disadvantages of using abbreviation

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kunwoo ko

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Advantages and disadvantages of using abbreviation

Advantages and disadvantages of using abbreviation
Using abbreviations helps us to save time. When we are really busy or in hurry, instead of using full sentences, short abbreviation are very comfortable and useful.
Using too many abbreviations might destroy the origin of a language. Some small children use words without knowing the actual way to say them.
While preparing this speech...
I as a teenager use a lot of abbreviations even when they are unnecessary. But I totally changed my mind not to use abbreviations when they are unnecessary.
Thank you for listening!!
It creates social sense of alienation. This could cause a huge gap between generations.
A lot of parents might not understand words that their children use when communicating each other.
When using abbreviation, people feel sense of belonging and a closer bond of friendship.
So let's try to use abbreviations
when only necessary!
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