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Tim's Tech Cloud

What is your tech cloud, what do you wish it could be?

Timothy King

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Tim's Tech Cloud

Any digitally literate person has a tech cloud around them... What is your tech cloud? Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Monster Haf932 desktop
multiboot (linux/Win7x64/Win8 beta), quadcore, massive video card, 8 gigs of ram, 24" monitor HP touch laptop Your tech cloud is personal, evolving, and demonstrates your digital proclivities! If you're platform agnostic, or a fan girl/boy, it shows in how you access digital information, and has an effect on how your digital self is displayed What do you wish it looked like? Asus Zenbook
UX31-A i7 Samsung Galaxy Note phablet i7 desktop multiboot: win7/8/OSx/Linux, 16Gb RAM, SSD, 3Tb drive Olympus EPL3
Macro, long, wide lenses, bluetooth What mine is: What I wish it were Notes
Rogers has been a misery, trapped in contract molasses
Telus even works at the cottage
Ultrabook before any tablet nonsense, all day battery, fully usable laptop, mobile
phablet instead of tablet & phone
camera stays the same, but with lenses and accessories YOUR TECH CLOUD Tech clouds are always evolving, though sometimes you find just the right fit, and the tech becomes like a comfy worn old shoe MY
TECH CLOUD i7 Toshi laptop
my tech has to be fast & enduring phablet! i7 desktop multiboot: win7/8/OSx/Linux, 16Gb RAM, SSD, 2x4Tb drives My personal technology choices Olympus EPL-3
pro quality super portable micro-SLR, instant connectivity to the web, many lenses.
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