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Copy of Unit 6: Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products

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Yahye Mohamed

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Unit 6: Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products

Unit 6: Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products
By Billie Methven
Narrative structures
Soulcalibur II- 2002

Dead or Alive 5- 2012
The three media products I have chosen for this are all fighting games.These were all released between the years 1992 and 2012. The games I have selected are:
Task 4
Selection of content

Construction of content
Codes and Conventions

Modes of Address

Semiotic Analysis
In fighting games women are usually scantly dressed, female characters are usually fewer in number than the males (Mortal Kombat only has one female).However in Dead or alive women outnumber the men, with 24 out of 13 characters being female.

Females are often portrayed as being helpless and physically weaker than their male counterparts. However the boost in speed that all females have make the fight fair.

Mortal Kombat-1992
To attract audiences fighting games usually have:
A wide range of characters in the roster
A range of arenas/maps
Alternate character designs/colour pallets
Special moves
Huge men/ small women
Large breasts (scantly clad females)
Heavily armored males
Minimalist plot
Focus on 2 player vs mode and arcade
Special moves
2d camera angle
Different types of attack
One on one combat
The narrative of the story mode is:
Stereotyping is rather common in fighting games, this is due to the short narratives and minimalistic character interaction. Stereotyping is most common with females as they are all beautiful and weak when compared with the males. The large male characters are usually dim witted and slow. Race is always a big stereotype in fighting games, take for example Mitsurugi and Taki from SC2, as they are Japanese they are portrayed as a samurai and a ninja respectively.
These games are usually available in arcades but also have console ports available. SC and MK both are available as digital downloads.
What is the genre?
How the genre has developed over time
These are all fighting games, however Soul Calibur II belongs to the weapon based fighter sub-genre.
I believe that fighting games have become less violent but more sexualised. Mortal Kombat used to be gory, now its toned down so it can appeal to a wider audience.
Fighting games have now become more accessible and seem to be targeting mainstream and younger audiences.
The narrative of vs or arcade mode:
Open narrative
In an average fighting game how the content is structured is based around each player. The base game is made by developers with basic rules and stats; however almost everything is changeable for the audience. When you first play a fighting game most things will be set to default this will include character move sets, colours, clothing/equipment, round time, amount of rounds, strength etc. this is done because of the potential for Replayability, by having every aspect changeable means that there is an unlimited amount of combinations, which means that it will suit each players unique gaming style and preferences.

To address their audience these games include a wide range of visual ques as fighting games are purely visual with very little text at all. However the whatever text there is within them is rather informal and exiting as well as straight to the point.

To address their audience creators use things like stereotypes and semiotics to better appeal to their audience.

Mortal Kombat- The Dragon
Soul Calibur 2-Black and White
Dead or Alive 5- Cherry Blossoms
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