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Sketches by Eric Walters

No description

Ky McL

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Sketches by Eric Walters

Sketches by Eric Walters
Main Idea

The main idea of the story "Sketches" is that everybody needs somebody. In the story, Dana leaves home because of her stepfather and is all alone. To survive on the streets, she finds she has to cope by making friends and joining up with other people that she trusts. If she had stayed alone,she may have been abused or died. Everyone needs someone.
Dana - Character Traits
Artistic - Dana loves painting and any kind of art. To survive on the streets, she begins to create chalk sketches, which brings in enough money for her to survive on.
Character Traits
Intelligent - Dana is intelligent because she is able to survive on the streets for a year after living in a nicer home. In the story, Dana was the one who realized that her friend needed medical attention because he may have had a concussion.

Kind-hearted - Dana is kind-hearted. She helped a stray cat and always went out of her way to help others. For example, she gave another person her only food because she thought they looked hungrier than her.

The runaway part of the story reminds me of when I was younger and lived in a different home. We had a small barn on our property and every time I used to get mad at my mom, I would say I was running away and hide in the barn. I would stay there until suppertime and my mom would be worried until I came back.
Deep Thoughts by Kynan
I really loved the book Sketches and told everyone it was my favourite book of all time - until I got to the ending. I felt the ending was so bad because Dana met up with her mom and the book just ended...leaving me wondering what happened next.
Major Events
- Dana is homeless; she is a runaway because she hates her step-dad
- She finds two friends, Abbey and Brent who live on the street with her and become part of her family
- To survive, they beg at the subway station and tell stories that aren't true to get money
- A businessman comes up to Dana and offers her $40 to be a hooker
- Dana starts to scream and security comes but they don't believe her; they get kicked out of the subway station
-Dana starts to regret her life on the streets and misses her sister
- She is an artist and tags everywhere
- The owner of an art store "Sketches" tells her he likes her artwork
- She finally goes to the art shop and starts sketching with chalk
- On the streets, she starts selling her chalk art for a lot of money
- Dana's mom goes out on the street handing out flyers to try and find Dana but she hides
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