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Copy of Father John Lee Tae Seok

Modern World History Project on Influencial Individuals

Chaewon Jang

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Father John Lee Tae Seok

"The Schweitzer of Sudan Father John Lee Tae Seok Father John Lee - Profile Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Education: Job: Date of Death: Place of Death: Residence: Nationality: Fields: Known For: 19 September 1962 Pusan, South Korea 14 January 2010 Seoul, South Korea Republic of South Korea Tonj, South Sudan Inje Medical University,Kwangju Catholic University Medicine, Catholic Theology Also Known As: Father John, Schweitzer of Sudan,
Don Bosco of Tonj Catholic Priest, Surgeon His work as a missionary on Tonj. Also he built hospitals and created marching bands during
his life in Sudan. He surrendered his life in comfort to help those in poverty and in need Memories of Tonj From Surgeon to Medic to Priest His Upbringing and His Career "I will come back no matter what comes at me"- Father John Lee His Death His words and more Memorials He was born in the Pusan Metropolitan city as the ninth child of which will be later a family of ten children.
His father passed away when he was age ten.
His mother earned a living by sewing for others in the market.
When he was a elementary school student he watched a movie about Pater Damiaan, a missionary, who spent his life in Hawaii treating Hansen disease. Father Lee wanted to follow his footsteps.
1987,He graduated Medical school, as he was working as a medic he decided that he wanted to become a priest.
1999, he visits Kenya on a service trip and meets Father James who takes him to visit Tonj and decides he wants to help the children of Tonj. 2008, he was diagnosed with last stage colorectal cancer
He promised that he would go back even when he on the last day and believed that he would.
He did not tell others that he had cancer until he was in such pain that he passed out.
He performed on the day he was
diagnosed with cancer to raise money
for Tonj.
His last words were " I am content"
On January 14, 2010 he passed away
in the hospital. His Goals and Hopes His Achievements He built a school to enhance the educational environment in Sudan.
He built a hospital that replaced a shack which stood before as a temporary hospital.
He started the Tonj Walking Brass Band spreading music in to the war ridden regions of Sudan.
He built a isolated building for Hansen disease patients
He wished the following generations would follow his footsteps and held the people of Tonj.
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