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No description

riley thompson

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of platypus

Final Destination
there prey are foxs
Platypus appearance is duck billed , webbed feet brown fur,poison tipped toe on back feet , brown tail like a beavers tail
platypus habitat and adaptions
life cycle
Interesting facts
thousands of them live in the swamps, lakes, and rivers of eastern Australia and parts of Tasmania.
Platypus comes from the Greek word board foot!!
Platypuses are monotremes. The only other monotreme is an echidna. Baby monotremes are called puggles. Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs. The platypus is on the 20 cent coin of Australia. All platypuses are born with ankle spurs, but only the males are poisonous. This poison can kill a medium size dog. They store fat in their tail for when it food is limited. They walk on their knuckles to protect their webbing. Platypuses dig burrows up to 100 feet long. The babies stay in the burrow for four months. Platypuses spend up to 17 hours resting in their burrows each day (they hunt at night). Their bills are flexible and they have 2 dense layers of thick fur. They shut their eyes and ears for two minutes when they go under water and use their bill to navigate. My mom grew up in Tasmania and had a playpus living in the dam on her property.
About 2 weeks after mating , they lay 1 to 3 eggs in a hole close to water. The sphere shaped eggs are half an inch long. The mother incubates the eggs like a chicken. In 6 to10 days they tear through the egg with their egg tooth. The mother gives the puggles milk like other mammals. They are hairless when they’re born. They nurse for three to four mouths. The mother makes puddles of milk on her skin and the babies drink like a cat.

The End
a platypus food
is crustashins,

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