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Picture sheets: Infection and Immunity

The Brilliant Club

Megan Estorninho

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Picture sheets: Infection and Immunity

KS5 - Biology Infection & Immunity
Megan Estorninho

Research Scientist in Immunobiology
Introduction to Immunology: Edward Jenner, Vaccines.
Homework Task 1. Benjamin Jesty.
Introduction to Pathogens, Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses, Treatment & Disease Prevention.
Homework Task 2. Immune responses to bacteria & viruses,

prevention & treatment
Viral and bacterial life cycles & replication.
Vaccine production & ethics.
Homework Task 4. Draft Extended Assignment PowerPoint presentation
Review of tutorial material, Class Q&A, Essay Guidelines
Homework Task 5. Extended Assignment Final Draft
Infection & Immunity
Tutorial 1.
Tutorial 2.
Tutorial 3.
Tutorial 4.
Tutorial 5.
Tutorial 6.
An Introduction to Immunology
The goal for today’s tutorial is that...
By the end of this tutorial...
You will improve your understanding of Immunology and review any ideas you may already have.
1. You will understand what the study of immunology is and why it is important.
2. You will consider the history of Smallpox and the implications of vaccination.
3. You will consider the contributions made by Edward Jenner to the field of immunology.
1. Research Benjamin Jesty, prepare a 300 word summary with comparisons to Jenner.
2. Immune system definitions.
Assignment feedback
School of Medicine
Division of Immunology, Infection and Inflammatory Disease (DIIID)
Homework Task 3.

Retrovirus replication vs. RNA & DNA viruses, Smallpox & Influenza case studies
Tutorial 1...
Tutorial 1 – A Case Study in Disease
Prevention and Treatment

Part One: The Smallpox epidemic
Read, pair, share
Class Questions & Answers
1. Why is "New York, remarkably preserved from the evil..."?

2. Why do you think the sisters of St. Joseph's Female Orphan Asylum believe they have resisted all forms of contagious disease?

3. Is Mother Mary Gonzaga's Cure likely to also be a preventative?
Tutorial 1 – A Case Study in Disease
Prevention and Treatment

Part two: The World Health Organisation's Smallpox eradication
Read, class discussion

Class Questions & Answers
1. Describe the WHO's approach to Smallpox eradication.

2. List the benefits & drawbacks of vaccination programs.
Picture Sheet 1: Tutorial 1
Watch the Video ...
and take notes,
it will help with your homework tasks...


Picture Sheet 2
Picture Sheet 1

Picture Sheet 3
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